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Pearls of Wisdom

2018 is Creation Year cy5964 - Talmud Year 5778

We are NOW in the 1st yr of the 7 Year Tribulation!

Two MUST HAVE files for ALL Teachers

Get the Jubile-Count to see the Creation Calendar

Get the Seven-Yr-Days to see When & How it ends


An Analysis of Modern Biblical Teachings

and other Theology studies


There are two distinct teachings in the Biblical world.

The Christians teach of a new delivery through Paul.

Hebrew teachings insist there is no change from the Prophets.

What does the Bible say?


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Rachel's Contributions

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These documents will open the verses to reveal what our manmade traditions and translators have hidden and distorted.

Revealing Bible Mysteries was written to fully outline these findings and much more.


Stories that many preachers & rabbi's have failed to understand


PDF = (Public Domain File) or (Portable Document Form) readable on all computers & phones with free - Adobe Acrobat Reader

These following PDF documents A thru Q, were written to add details of specific studies in the book Revealing Bible Mysteries. Then additional PDF's will be written to detail answers to many of the repeated responding questions, and multiple new findings.

These PDF's are reviewed frequently, and updated at least twice each year...

Request from Author - If you need documents in another form



Research / Detailed Studies / Selected Readings

© 2004-2018 by Steven C. Buren


These 20 PDF documents are the starting blocks and the updated research of extraordinary findings in the book:

Revealing Bible Mysteries


A-The Great Deception Within Christianity

Uncover the false apostles, and recognize the source of the deception 1-pg pdf


B-Heresy of the Pharisee and False Teachings

Observe the deceivers methods and instruments of misdirection. The false ways can be isolated from the proper instructions 3-pg pdf


C-Actions of Paul

Where were some key turning points from the covenant? How is this paraphrased in the prophecies of Revelation? 5-pg pdf


D-Laws of His Fathers - Paul’s Lineage

An illuminating decipher of history, which is extraordinarily relevant to comprehending the New Testament events. 7-pg pdf

Paul's Family Tree is included from extensive research of Josephus and Caesar 1-pg jpg


E-What is Easter Really About?

Examine the building of a traditional holiday as a misdirecting observance from a commanded festival. These were the same delusions that destroyed the biblical kingdoms 4-pg pdf


F-Changes in Dietary Laws

Choices have consequences. Avoid the perverted interpretations that teach a delightful misdirection 4-pg pdf


G-Law is Precious to the Lord

His laws are his ways, and what can we gain from using this to guide our daily ways of life. Recognize that the books define the criteria for entering the kingdom as: Those who will follow or honor the laws 5-pg pdf


H-A Secret in Revelation - the 666th Man

The understanding of a child can grasp the identification of this man. He is no longer hidden, and his presence throughout the Bible is revealed in this document 7-pg pdf


I-Bible Hidden Treasures

Assorted brief observations, and interesting facts within the verses, enlightening many directions of biblical studies 8-pg pdf



For the December Holidays:

What is the truth in the celebration, and when is the Messiah's true birth date? 1-pg pdf



Historically significant End-Times fact: Is Israel's current Prime Minister the Tenth Toe in Daniel's statue prophecy? 3-pg pdf



Counting from Adam to end of 1st century. This is intense and on-going research with frequent additions 20-pg pdf


The Jubile-Count supplements the Timeline & matches Creation Years / messiah age / BC/AD / and Talmud Calendars 120-pg pdf

A MUST HAVE for all teachers


Detailed 7 Years of Tribulation, with Lunar and Feast Dates & expected Prophetic events in Seven-Yr-Days 50-pg pdf Updated Frequently

A MUST HAVE for all teachers


4-pg Daniel & Revelation Tribulation-Outline



Why did the translators of the NT rewrite Peter's warning of Paul? Paul was called "the beloved" as a courtesy to royalty 4-pg pdf



Outlining the Proper sequence of Chapters for the Book of Daniel


3-pg pdf


O-Jewels of History

Why were Paul and Barnabas able to move troops and run trials to kill thousands? 1-pg pdf


P-Birthdate of Messiah

Evidence and examinations of the true birth date 3-pg pdf



21 Feedback Questions from Preachers, with detailed answers. 12-pg pdf




Embellished Traditions Will

Corrupt Documented Procedures


We were commanded to follow God's ways, no more and no less, and were given specific instructions for compliance. Yet the traditions have distorted and blemished the simple directives into a tangled web of deception. Even the most orthodox division of any religious sect can rarely define their structure entirely from the Bible, without an immense seasoning of interpretations.


---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---

The PDFs on the left are detailed research on specific topics. These studies will show many Truths that are absent or distorted in Common & Traditional teachings of the Bible.

After the "Great Deception" is studied, the L-Timeline and Jubile-Count will add volumes of information to the layout of Biblical Chronology. Specifically the Jubile-Count details the entire count of years from Creation to our current age, where we are 5964 years from Creation, after the Day of Atonement in our Calendar Year of 2018, or Jewish 5778.

The Seven-Yr-Days (detailed) is an outline for the Prophecy period of Seven Years of Tribulation, that Began July 14, 2017, and Ends August 24, 2024. None of these documents exist on any other website at this time, but some sites have links to these files. The knowledge is beginning to expand into perpetual discussions & some have forgotten to acknowledge their origin. When that happens, the stories get stretched and warped. Keep them truthful and verify with the source.

These PDF files are a new dimension of information that is fully referenced to the sources of scripture & other ancient documents. All of these topics are open for discussion directly with the Author by email. These pieces are reviewed frequently, and some are updated weekly or more. So keep a current document with the latest information, and send your view or review to the Author, for refinement of these studies.

 ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---

These PDF's and more are intended to be available on other sites.


Theorybin is freely allowing Bible study presentations to offer this information to enhance your site. A forwarding link will be provided here when your web pages are completed.


If your Website will help to distribute these free PDF studies & update them annually, contact the author.

Theorybin requires only that they are free, and not coupled or delivered with imbedded links or hidden attachments or download requirements.


Steven Buren, 2-26-2018




An outline of 7-Years of Tribulation that Places Dates on future events


Holiday Calendar - 7yr Annual dates using different measures than tradition (outlined at bottom of this page) This has been completed with the listing of Tribulation days in a 50 page Seven-Yr-Days.pdf



  For Section-1 of Revealing Bible Mysteries; this addendum to the first eight chapters is a 14-page list of 457 Classroom Questions, which can be used as discussion points, or a reader's and student's questionnaire.

  Many of my documents reference the works of Titus Flavius Josephus, as an associate of Caesar and Herod. Josephus chronicled the events in Israel during the times of the New Testament in his reports to Caesar. His original complete text collection of 21 books total about 1700 pages, and can be freely referenced and downloaded from the CCEL.org website. Other useful reference material from the first century authors can be found on website searches of the books by Suetonius and Tacitus.

By permission of the CCEL.org website, my theorybin.com version of Josephus-Complete.PDF is available here. This is a very large file of 8-meg, 1600 pages. This version was derived from the CCEL website, then re-formatted with my own edits and highlights of some study areas of interest. This is the PDF form of the document that is used for the "Revealing Bible Mysteries" research and references.


  The document H-A Secret in Revelation - the 666th Man, is written from my studies, where the actual counting of all names in the Bible revealed the deceivers. The actual Name Count of each of these books is delivered here, for those who desire to indulge in meticulous research.


The Talmud Mishna has Eighteen Treatises out of 62, that are listed here. These are Man’s Laws written in and after Babylon, and not always agreeable to Torah Laws. They are answers to specific questions followed by the rabbinical quorum. Topics are on Prayers, Rules of the Sabbath and Festivals, Marriage, Kosher Food, Inheritance, Contracts, and Dowries.

Indexing and numeral edits were done by theorybin.com to make the document easier to reference and read. This is a large file 326 pages 1.5 meg MISHNA-Talmud.pdf




Apocrypha Books - All Books are Now Completed - April 2018

The Apocrypha has Several Books that are not considered Canonical (valid). Theorybin finds them VALID and has re-established the DATES of EVENTS in these documents, which previous researchers could not find.


BEWARE of versions of Apocrypha and Bibles notably edited by some of the Oxford Scholars, which rephrased verses to state that the Spirit of Man is his Ego. This is not true, for the Ego is the guide to those who are following Evil Spirits. It is the inner heart of a man that guides his thoughts, love, and desires to be faithful to God, that is man's True Spirit.

   (Some of the Oxford Edits completely and intentionally reverse the statements, Theorybin offers KJV)



BARUCH  He arrived in Jerusalem on the 5th year from Babylon. He was with the return of the Vessels to the new Temple, as they were building the walls of the City. His delivery was to know the reason they had been taken and now returned, as they must follow the Laws and Ordinances.



ESDRAS  A repeat with many extra details of the 2-Chronicles 28 and Ezra. Details describe the delay in transfer of Temple items from Babylon to Jerusalem. Ezra moved them, But Cyrus had Mithradates separate the items years before that time. That is when many items were lost and Mithradates of Persia became a wealthy king.



JUDITH  A four day event that Saved Israel from a conqueror after Babylon,  Placed between books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Judith conquered during the 20th Jubile, 2 years before the book of Nehemiah begins, and ten years before the Jerusalem walls were finished.

This was hard to place, because the translators made the conqueror Nabuchodonosor, but it was a general of (Xerxes Darius-II), and the names of most the cities are not common, probably using Moab or Assyrian names of the Israel cities. Judith could see the Jerusalem Temple from her housetop, and offered prayers at Temple event times.



MACCABEES Three books 127 page PDF that covers a period after Babylon, from Alexander to three generations of Antiochus. The Three books of Maccabees are from three authors covering the same period of Wars with Antiochus and the many Miracles that are celebrated in the the period of Hanukah, Their victories stem from Priests and Heroes that followed the Laws in seeking assistance from Heaven.



SIRACH  An Ecclesiastes book by the Grandfather of Sirach, which Sirach found in Egypt and copied during the time of the 6th Ptolemy & Cleopatra. This is the best of books for spotlight on life and interaction with good & evil, using knowledge and wisdom of the commandments.



SOLOMON  A story of how and why anyone can gain Wisdom, and will benefit immeasurably. By the most gifted of all men of the Spirit of Wisdom. Here are many answers to age old questions of why the deceiver sways the thinking of the enemies of Holy Men, and how their thoughts justify their actions.



TOBIT  The Ten Tribes of Israel and Tobit were drawn into Assyria 124 years before Judea was taken to Babylon. His son Tobias journeyed far with one of the Seven Holy Angels, Raphael, in a great adventure. Tobias returned with a wife and great healing for his father. They both attained great age, and Tobias heard of the ruin of Nineveh, 9 years before Judea was taken to Babylon.


-- Short Books of Apocrypha - 10 pages or less, all great reading --

Epistles of Jeremy, Manasses, Esther,  3-Additiions to Daniel,  Azariah, Susanna, Bel & the Dragon.




So far, about 30 have offered to review Revealing Bible Mysteries during the editing stage. Most of the earlier edits were for grammar and punctuation, but now we will have responses on written questions or comments of the content. If you request, your written responses to the book's content will be posted here.


Feedback-1 a 2 page PDF where the reader responded up to page 29 of the second chapter.


Feedback-2 a 4 page PDF of email from a marvelous writer from the Literary Arts Festival - ASTRA.


Feedback-3 an 11 page PDF of email questions from a theologian and writer that I met at Sukkot-2014.


Feedback-4 a 6 page PDF of email questions from the same theologian as Feedback-3.


Feedback-5 from Europe - Netherlands, comments / writings after reading Theorybin studies.



Note: I may not agree with you, but I will answer your questions by email. At this time, there has not been a valid contradiction to any portion of Revealing Bible Mysteries. There are revisions of the dates of some events in Chapter-5 that are constantly refined and delivered in my L-Timeline.PDF and other documents available on this page.

- Steven Buren - November 13, 2017.



The True Timeline of Bible events uniquely change some well known stories. These manuscripts have all the characteristics for a powerful Biblical Movie.

Ask the author for an analysis that is ready for film scripting.




The Hebrew Passover Observance

Passover has been distorted by so many traditions that it now harvests some very strange additions. Here you will find simple PDF items that examine and lay out the necessities without the fluff. These PDF's were written here at theorybin, but can be freely distributed anywhere. This collection is simpler than others and follows scripture instead of tradition.


Passover Preparations - The outline of the dates and verse references for Passover 2015.

Passover Dinner Guide - The simple arrangement of the evening observance.

Passover Shema - A prayer of observing the covenant.

Passover Prayer of Moses - The prayer and promise of the covenant.




Here is the Shema in another version of studies in a 4-page PDF. The Shema is essentially the honorable promises or prayer to Yahweh, that Moses had all Hebrews and Strangers to pledge.




Tabernacles of Leviticus 23:23-45  for 2017

(3 dates A-B-C are listed for each event, see the next chapter "When is our Holiday?")

(Note: All dates are the day of the Holiday that start on the Sundown of the previous day


This first day of the lunar month starts with Rosh Hashanah the blowing of trumpets on the new moon to announce the beginnings of ten days of repentance. (A-Sep 19-2017)(B-Sept 22)(C-Sep 22)


The tenth day of the month is Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement, the solemn Day of Judgment of the people by Yahweh each year. This day requires a fasting and offering, when sins are cleansed and cast off to start anew when repented. The cleansing and reconciliation is made by the priest for the people by an offering where one goat is sacrificed and one is released into the wilderness, carrying the sins of the people. (A-Sept 27-2017)(B-Sept 30)(C-Sep 30)


Sukkot is the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths for people to commune for an eight day reunion and feasts of the fall harvest. Beginning the 15th day of the lunar month, the people are to live in booths for this festival as was done in the 40 years after Exodus. Gathering and camping and living together in close proximity with a large group rejoicing their repentance and Yahweh's presence with feasts and ceremonies. This is the time each year when Yahweh assigns his blessings and protection to those who appear before him. (A-Oct 3-10)(B-Oct 6-13)(C-Oct 6-13)




When is our Holiday? (Jeremiah 8:7, Daniel 7:25)

Three (or more) calendar readings can be given for the holidays, due to different leaders and different traditions. Your understanding is in your heart.


When is the Start of the Month?

(A) Some can view the end and start of a month by when the moon is darkened, like the sundown ends the day and the evening starts a new day. I can equate this as when Yahshua had Passover with his Apostles, was taken and killed the next day before the others started their Passover. He knew the proper days, and the Pharisee priests followed Babylon Traditions.

(B-C) Most follow the Tradition of when the moon begins to reappear after three days of dark moon, as the start of the new month.


Then the First month of the year is determined in two ways.

(A-B) Some determine the first month as the First Lunar month, where the 15th day (Passover) is on or after the Solar Spring Equinox of March 20. The Original Exodus was recorded as the month where the Sun is in the Constellation sign of Aries. (Antiquities 3.10.5) The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries the Ram, that enters after the Vernal Equinox about March 21 to April 19.

(C) Most Traditional leaders follow the First Lunar month following the sighting of barley sprouts in Israel. This is based on the original name of Abib for the first month, that is assumed linked to Aviv, the word for sprouts. There is no way that I have found to confirm beyond tradition, but why not the sprouts in Egypt where the Exodus started?


The counting of the Feast of Weeks also has different starts.

(A) Some start the count of 7 weeks on the 8th day of Passover.

(B-C) Most Traditional leaders start the 7 week count on the first Sabbath during Passover.


All of these points have been debated by many, and my considerations (theory A) were sent to the modern proclaimed leaders of the Orthodoxy of US, Britain, and Israel. The most common reply is that, the consensus of the council shall be the appropriate rule (tradition). There are some preachers beginning to understand this concept, and have replied.


See many details and 7 years of Holiday dates in 49 page Seven-Yr-Days.pdf


2018 Holiday Dates

Pesach sacrifice 14th evening, March-28. First day of Unleavened bread March-29

TRADITIONAL - Pesach sacrifice 14th evening, March-31. First day of Unleavened bread April-1


Omar Count starts 8th day of Pesach, April-5, and 50th day to start Shavuot is May-24

TRADITIONAL - Omar Count starts 1st Sabbath of Pesach, April-7, and 50th day to start Shavuot is May-28


Trumpet starts 1st day 7th month, Sept-8, Fast day is Sept-16, Atonement Sept-17, Tabernacles Sept-22

TRADITIONAL - Trumpet 1st day, Sepl-11, Fast day is Sept-19, Atonement Sept-20, Tabernacles Sept-25




As with all other people, there are some questions that I have, and have never found an answer beyond opinions. If any one has an answer, then feed it back to me, the theorybin author.


1  Is there a body of scholars that will review new findings?


2  Many new and profound findings from my books and pdf files have the potential to clarify awareness and greatly improve the knowledge of biblical studies. Why are people not interested in these things?




Be Aware of False and Misdirected Teachings


The first Adam is documented in Genesis, but many modern preachers speak of the second or last Adam as the Messiah. Be very cautious with this teaching that seems to originate in the Pharisee doctrines of Paul, from Hebrews and Corinthians.

What those preachers do not know or have ignored, is that Esau, the brother of Jacob (Israel) established a city he called Adam, and his son Tema called his father Esau, "Adam." The Hebrews know this city of Esau as Edom, but it is known in the teachings of Islam as Adom, and the second Adom was Esau, and Islam teaches that he will return. This was part of the Pharisee teachings that were adopted by Islam, and they hold the second Adom in high honor. Many of our cities and places resemble Esau's heritage, like Alibama (Aholibama), one of his wives, and many of his sons have their names imbedded in our country and in Europe. Beware of pledging allegiance to historical names of schools, groups, people, objects and places. The books of Hebrews and Corinthians are Pauline doctrines of the Pharisees. (Genesis 25:30, 32:3, 36:1, 36:8, Joshua 3:16, Corinthians 15:25)


Many of the modern radio broadcast preachers are teaching this doctrine of the second Adam that will return as the Messiah. Do not follow the Second Adam (Adom), for that is one of the labels the Imposter will use. They are mixing truth of a second coming, with misinformation of his name and other so-called facts. Be aware that they are stepping out of bounds with compounded traditional teachings. Compounded teachings are those that are man-made and perpetuated, and added on by others until it grows to a new doctrinal foundation. Be studious; Be cautious: Be aware, and do not fall into the wallow of false or mis-informed or ignore-ant teachers.

- Written by Steven Buren, of www.theorybin.com. October 4, 2016




More False and Misdirected Teachings

A very revealing & disturbing story that the Arabs Teach


The second Adam is Esau, & the Arab Nations consider him to be the noble son of Isaac whose heritage was stolen by his brother Jacob.

Evil is their nature, and the Light of Creation also stole the nobility of the first existing Darkness. It is taught as Arab heritage, that the Darkness is much Higher than Light, & darkness is actually condensed light, for the light came from the darkness.

The Devil is higher in status than the Messiah, as he was first, & the heritage was stolen by the Messiah. The Arab view is that the Devil & all his evil minions are Higher is status in Heaven, than the Messiah & all his followers. All this will be sorted out in the Last Days, & any Arab that converts has fallen lower than the Light followers. Be aware also that the fallen angels & the Devil will arrive before the Messiah in the Last Days. The Devil WILL claim to be the true Messiah.

Another disturbing twist to this view, is that some of the Jewish Orthodox patrons are followers of this belief, & this is where the Theorybin source originated. These patrons are of Islam with a Jewish Label, and believe & teach that the Talmud overrides the Torah. To them: The Torah can be deciphered only by by reading in several levels. There are at least 5 levels of teaching, where each word can be broken down into letters, where each letter can tell a story. This twist of the Torah can essentially become anything the author wants to teach, & this is a common way of teaching in all Jewish gatherings. The method has crept into all Jewish studies and most Messiah teachers have accepted this as truth, and this is part of why the Jews will not accept a Messiah. There is much more to this viewpoint, as good is considered weakness and many other sickening basics.


So, Beware of ALL by being aware and cautious. Do not let "Labels of Doctrine" (Priest, Jew, Christian, Rabbi, Follower, & others) define your trust in any individual. Some of the most distorted & twisted logics have come from people that have trusting "Labels" in high status of honorable gatherings and festivals.


- Written by Steven Buren, of www.theorybin.com. October 21, 2017





Always investigate to learn the Truth; and your help or encouragement is appreciated too!

Please notify Steven Buren, the Theorybin Author, of any questions or corrections.




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Rachel's Contributions

Watch Roots of Faith video on Shabbat 10:30am Central




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Copyright © 2004-2018 by Steven C. Buren. All rights reserved on all material on all pages in the Website theorybin.com and the book “Revealing Bible Mysteries”. The text and PDFs may be duplicated for use in classrooms and public speaking, provided the copyright is acknowledged.

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